jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2008

El Seincast de hoy

Hacía mucho tiempo que no me detenía a escuchar el "Seincast" que he incrustado en este blog y traído hasta ustedes gracias al gran ingenio de Jerry Seinfeld. Hoy no he parado de reír en un buen rato al escuchar el Seincast de hoy: "The best police job". Por si no lo alcanzan a escuchar, aquí les dejo la transcripción, vale la pena:

There are many different job in the police. It seems to me, that the chalk-outline-guy is one of the better jobs that you can get. You know: it's not dangerous, the criminals are long gone... that seems like a good one.
I don't know who they are, I guess they're people who wanted to be a sketch artists, but they couldn't draw too well...:"Listen Johnson, forget the sketches. Do you think if we left a dead body right there on the sidewalk, you could manage to trace around it? Could you do that?".
I don't even know how it helps to solve the crime? You know, they look at the thing on the ground...:"Aah, his arm was like that when he hit the pavement. That means the killer must've been... Jim!"

Jajaja, es el monólogo inicial del episodio The Trip (2).